I sit in the chaos of construction.  I sit remembering the Jesuit House of Prayer, which is no longer, and I sit in anticipation as a child waits for summer, the coming of Laughing Heart Lodge.  The coming of the Lodge has been a long time coming for me.

I first found Hot Springs, N.C. and the Jesuit House of Prayer over 20 years ago when my friend and pastor, Charlie Summers, suggested it to me as a place to come for retreat and rest.  I found it to be that and even more.

In the intervening 20 years much has happened in my life and in the life of this beautiful sacred space at the foot of Deer Park Mountain overlooking the town.  The Jesuit House sat empty for 5 years waiting, I believe, for the stars to align, for all thoughts and desires of the necessary people and entities to converge.  Doesn’t it seem so very right that the alignment and convergence would happen at the end of the season of Advent, the season of waiting?

And now here we are, pregnant with possibility, waiting for the birth of this child which we have named Laughing Heart Lodge.

We will soon be opening our doors to welcome all guests, pilgrims, and nomads on a journey.  Please come whenever you can for retreat, rest, and renewal of body, mind, and spirit.

Check back here often.  I will be updating frequently, From The Heart.

Karen Moore ~ July 12, 2012

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Laughing Heart Lodge

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