It is January and winter has come to the mountains and crept into our little town.  The parking lots of the whitewater rafting companies are mostly empty and the French Broad is free to rush along unencumbered by rafts, canoes, kayaks and people.

As the months have changed from July to January, I’ve noticed I live in my house in a different way.  The back deck, my favorite place in the summer, is rarely visited now as the couch in front of the blazing fire calls to me.

I like the ever changing cycle of seasons.  It reminds me to appreciate the present because it, too, will pass and another season will come.  They each have their beauty and their purpose.

Winter gives us a reason to go inside, inside our houses and inside ourselves.  It’s a time to eat soup and read books.  A time perhaps to think more, do less.  To ponder things in our hearts instead of searching for answers on Google.

Laughing Heart Lodge is hosting a contemplative retreat March 8-10.  We will offer a quiet space, both inside the Lodge and inside ourselves, for pondering, for thinking, for sharing with others if we wish.  March is also on the cusp of spring, a time to let a Season go and look forward to the coming one. 

Consider joining us.  We would love to have you.

Karen Moore ~ January 15, 2013

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