3 Expert Tips That Will Help You Have a Good Hike in North Carolina

Did you know The Appalachian Trail crosses 14 states? One of those states is North Carolina. If you’re looking to go on hikes in the Tar Heel State, it’s important to know some helpful tips on hiking. Before you look for local lodging or hotels, here are some tips on hiking that will help make your experience enjoyable.


1. Plan where you’re going to hike


Certain factors can help you decide on where you’re going to hike. One of the first factors you should consider is the amount of time you’ll have. If you have the whole day, you can be pretty flexible in your options. If you only have a few hours, then you need to know how long your hiking route will take so you can be done on time.


Another important factor in choosing a hiking route is distance. If you’re a beginner or haven’t hiked in a while, your physical fitness might not be up to the task of a long hike. There are short hikes that are available for people of all levels of fitness. The weather may also factor into your decision depending on the season. In the fall, be aware that the sun sets early. It’s important to plan a route that will prevent you from having to hike in the dark. In the early spring, know if a route isn’t accessible due to snow before you go hiking on it.


2. Prepare what to bring along


Preparing what you’ll take with you will partially depend on how long your route will be. If you’re hiking a short route, you probably won’t have to take much with you. Pack some snacks and at least 15 liters of water. You should also have some extra clothing layers packed if you get cold. If you’re hiking route will be long, this will mean you’ll have to pack more. Whether your hike is short or long, it’s always a good idea to take a little more than you think you’ll need. You never know if there might be a situation that makes your hike longer than you expected. In case of any emergencies, be sure to carry a first aid kit as well. Lastly, it’s also good to have a map with you in case you get lost.


3. Decide what you need to wear


Needless to say, you shouldn’t wear your regular clothes and shoes when you go hiking. The better option is to wear workout clothes. They’re designed specifically for the purpose of physical activities such as hiking. Workout clothes will be light on you and help to reduce your sweat. The weather will also determine what you should wear. In cooler seasons wear long sleeves, and in warmer seasons wear short sleeves. Your shoe choice will depend on what you prefer. Hiking boots, sneakers, or trail-running shoes are all acceptable options.


Following all of these tips will help you have an enjoyable time hiking. In some cases, people choose to stay in cabin rentals to get a full outdoor adventure. Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to be prepared. Make sure you have what you need for a safe and happy hiking experience.